Suo Gan — Welsh lullaby

“Suo Gan” is Welsh for “Lullaby,” and while it has a traditional Welsh text, the words below often accompany this simple but beautiful melody at Christmas time:

“Holy Saviour, yet so tiny, Mighty Ruler, yet so small, / Infant lowly, born so humbly, yet redeemer of us all: / Now the angels sing to greet thee, ‘God is with us, here on earth.’ / With the shepherds and the wise men, come to see his holy birth.

“Holy Jesus in a manger, little baby in a stall, / Infant holy, God’s Messiah, born to suffer for us all: / Angels bending o’er the cradle, God’s anointed from on high, / Blessed Mary watches o’er you, singing sweetly, ‘Lullaby.’”

This arrangement requires both piano and organ. Woodwind parts are optional and covered in the organ part.

Piano, organ, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clef and Bb treble clef solo parts — $8.99

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