Rejoice! Rejoice, Believers

“Rejoice! Rejoice, Believers” (“Ermuntert euch, ihr Frommen”) is a hymn by Laurentius Laurenti (1660–1722) that was published in his 1700 collection, Evangelica Melodica. It was translated from German to English by Sarah B. Findlater (1823–1907) and published in her collection, Hymns from the Land of Luther, in 1854.

The Welsh hymn tune “Llangloffan,” which often accompanies the text, is the basis for this arrangement. Verse 1 is presented by trombone with light accompaniment by organ; verse 2 features a countermelody in the organ accompaniment; and after a brief modulation, verse 3 and its countermelody are presented in the relative major of the tune’s initial minor key.

Organ score, bass clef and Bb treble clef solo parts — $5.99

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