“Prospect” – hymn tune

“Prospect” is a tune that appears in William Walker’s Southern Harmony (1835), which stands alongside Benjamin Franklin White’s The Sacred Harp (1844) as one of the most important compilations of shape-note hymns — a genre of singing and method of teaching that originated in 19th-century American Protestant Christian churches. Like many folk tunes, it is pentatonic (including notes 1-2-3-5-6 of the major scale), and this simplicity of melody lends itself to rich harmonization.

In Southern Harmony, “Prospect” is attributed only to “Graham,” and the accompanying text is by the English clergyman and hymnist, Isaac Watts (1674-1748). This arrangement of the lovely, lyrical tune features a statement of the melody by the soloist in verse 1, descant over the presentation of the tune by piano in verse 2, and recapitulation transposed one step higher in verse 3, with short, original interludes between verses.

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