Irish Tune from County Derry

“Irish Tune from County Derry” is a well-loved Irish folk melody also known as “Londonderry Air” and “Danny Boy” (from the lyrics written by Frederick Weatherly in 1910, and set to the tune in 1913).

Like the origins of many folk tunes, the origin of the “Irish Tune” is unclear. It was published in 1855 in The Ancient Music of Ireland, edited by George Petrie, based on a submission by Jane Ross of Limavady in the county of Derry (Londonderry), but it may be an adaptation of a much older tune published by the Irish folk music collector Edward Bunting in 1796. Regardless, its long, flowing lines and soaring high section make it a beautiful, dramatic tune.

This arrangement features a first presentation of the tune by trombone over piano accompaniment, followed by a second presentation by piano and concluding with trombone, incorporating colorful chord substitutions in the second presentation.

Piano score, bass clef and Bb treble clef solo parts — $5.99