Alpine Rangers

“Alpine Rangers” is a jaunty, tuneful march for young/developing band that suggests images of a company of travelers hiking Alpine trails, with musical echoes resounding from snow-capped peaks.

Following a short introduction featuring a call-to-attention by bugling trumpets at its beginning, the first strain is introduced by woodwinds, then repeated by high brass/saxes at measure 25, with echoes from low brass/reeds. The second strain is presented by low brass/reeds and repeated with countermelody by upper woodwinds and brass.

Following a forte conclusion to the second strain and an “exclamation point” in the new key, snare drum sets up a lyrical trio, piano. Intervals of thirds, sixths, and “horn fifths” suggest the sounds of alphorns (Alpine horns). The trio is immediately repeated, with no break strain, with full band taking up the melody and trumpets answering with bugle calls that echo the rhythmic figure of the first strain.

Consider this delightful, tuneful march for your young/developing band’s concert or contest program.

Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Bb Clarinet 1-2, Bass Clarinet, Eb Alto Sax 1-2, Bb Tenor Sax, Eb Baritone Sax, Bb Trumpet 1-2, F Horn, Trombone, Euphonium B.C./T.C., Tuba, Bells, Snare Drum/Bass Drum, Triangle/Cymbals

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