A la Nanita Nana

A la Nanita Nana is a Spanish villancico (Christmas carol) by José Ramón Gomis (1856-1939), in which the the words “A la nanita nana” are similar to the English “lullay” or “lullaby.” The object of the lyrics is the infant Jesus: “A la nanita nana, nanita ea, nanita ea, Mi Jesus Tiene Sueño, bendito sea, bendito sea” (Lullaby, lullaby; sleep, sleep, my little Jesus; may peace attend thee”).

This is a highly playable and charming arrangement in which all members of the ensemble enjoy the opportunity to play both melodic lines and supporting rhythmic/harmonic parts.

Score, parts (Bb tpt. 1, Bb tpt. 2, F horn, tbn, tuba) — $12.99

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