30 Chorales for Developing Bands

30 Chorales for Developing Bands is a collection of hymn tunes, sacred songs, folk songs, and national songs selected from various eras and sources with the goal of assisting music educators and students in teaching/learning characteristic tone, individual and ensemble intonation, musical style, and listening skills through music of enduring quality. These chorales may also be used effectively as beginning pieces for small ensembles.

Scored in four parts (SATB), they follow the conventions of part-writing and voice-leading as prescribed in common practice harmony, with parts typically assigned and doubled as follows:

Soprano: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 1, Trumpet 1
Alto: Clarinet 2, Alto Sax, Trumpet 2, Horn
Tenor: Tenor Sax, Trombone
Bass: Bassoon, Euphonium, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax, Tuba

Music Selections, Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Style Considerations
An effort has been made to include not only hymn tunes — the largest source of four-part chorales — but also folk tunes (e.g. AR HYD Y NOS, LAND OF REST, STAR IN THE EAST) and national songs (AMERICA, MATERNA). Two chorales, DAWN and DUSK, are original tunes; two others, GO DOWN, MOSES and THE WAYFARING STRANGER, are not strictly chorales, but share many conventions of chorales.

Key signatures include the most common major keys for young and developing bands — Bb, Eb, F, and Ab, and their relative minors — G, C, D, and F minor. Although most of the selections are in 4/4 time, several tunes in 3/4 are included, as well as one in cut time.

Dynamic markings, tempo marks, articulations, and breath marks are included to create contrast and interest, and to aid in teaching musical style.


Bb / G minor
ST. ANNE (O God, our help in ages past): Bb, 4/4, quarter note = 92
GELOBT SEI GOTT (Good Christians all, rejoice and sing): Bb, 3/4, quarter note = 104
MATERNA (America, the Beautiful): Bb, 4/4, quarter note = 88
NEUMARK (If thou but trust in God to guide thee): G minor, 3/4, quarter note = 92
STAR IN THE EAST: G minor, Cut Time, half note = 56
Eb / C minor
Ein Choral (“A Chorale,” from Schumann’s Album for the Young): Eb, 2/4, quarter note = 96
EVENTIDE (Abide with me): Eb, 4/4, quarter note = 92
FINLANDIA (Be still, my soul): Eb, 4/4, quarter note = 96
CRUSADERS HYMN (Beautiful Savior): Eb, 4/4, quarter note = 88
NICAEA (Holy, Holy, Holy): Eb, 4/4, quarter note = 96
LAND OF REST (Jerusalem, my happy home): Eb, 3/4, quarter note = 96
Sanctus (from Schubert’s Deutsche Messe): Eb, 3/4, quarter note = 100
DUSK: C minor, 4/4, quarter note = 100
WAYFARING STRANGER (I am a poor wayfaring stranger): C minor, 4/4, quarter note = 72
F / D minor
GORDON (My Jesus, I love thee): F, 4/4, quarter note = 92
AR HYD Y NOS (All through the night): F, 4/4, quarter note = 88
HAMBURG (When I survey the wondrous cross): F, 4/4, quarter note = 92
GENEVAN 124 (Praise ye the Lord, ye servants of the Lord): F, 4/4, quarter note = 96
RENDEZ A DIEU (New songs of celebration render): F, 4/4, quarter note = 100
AMERICA (My country, ‘tis of thee): F, 3/4, quarter note = 88
GROSSER GOTT (Holy God, we praise thy name): F, 3/4, quarter note = 104
CHESHIRE (Where charity and love prevail): D minor, 4/4, quarter note = 92
SALVATION (Come, humble sinner): D minor, 4/4, quarter note = 104
Ab / F minor
DAWN: Ab, 4/4, quarter note = 96
DIX (For the beauty of the earth): Ab, 4/4, quarter note = 96
ELLACOMBE (Hosanna! Loud hosanna): Ab, 4/4, quarter note = 108
WAREHAM (O wondrous sight! O vision fair): Ab, 3/4, quarter note = 108
HERZLIEBSTER JESU (Ah, holy Jesus): F minor, 4/4, quarter note = 88
GO DOWN, MOSES: F minor, 4/4, quarter note = 96

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